Venice Signature Blend Olive (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

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This is a blend of Three fantastic extra virgin olive oils: Spanish Arbequina, Spanish Arbosana and Spanish Hojiblanca. This Olive Oil has Intense fruity flavor with a bold peppery kick and fresh herbal notes. Pair this robust olive oil up with seared or roasted meats, potatoes, will hold its own in strongly flavored dishes or as a finishing condiment. This unique taste of the blend olive will shine through, adding a sublime dimension to your creation.

Pairings: Traditional Balsamic, White Honey Ginger, White Jalapeno Lime Balsamic or Pear White Balsamic.

Acidity: .53 | Lot: 60210 | Crop: Winter 2022/2023 | Polyphenol: 434mg/kg

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